Influx of workers in search of rentals

No Vacancy
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From Sierra Wave Media

by Benett Kessler

October 31, 2013


Snow has started to cover the ski slopes, Mammoth Mountain had planned to open next week, and new employees want to rent a place to live for the season. This year, it seems like more rental activity, according to Mammoth Lakes Housing Director Jennifer Halferty.

As usual, there are not enough rental units to satisfy the growing workforce in Mammoth Lakes. The Housing organization does offer a free listing of rentals on its website. Go to and click on rental vacancies. You can also email or call the Housing office. Property owners can do the same. The phone number is 760-934-4740. Check the website for other contact information.

Director Halferty said that Blizzard Property Management Company in Mammoth also offers rental services. Halferty said she is now receiving more emails than usual and said a lot of people are frustrated because they want a six-month lease or have a pet and can’t find a place that will accept it. And, rental prices remain higher than many want to pay. Right now, there is an influx of people into town looking for jobs or waiting to go to work.

Mammoth Lakes Housing’s own units are full and, as usual, there is a waiting list of 36 people. Halferty said that in the past year the list remains pretty consistent with 30 to 36 people waiting to find a place to live.

As for the wider housing scene, Halferty said that the Town of Mammoth, City of Bishop and Mono County have applied for first time home-buyer funds. If awarded, those funds would provide a down payment for those who qualify. Director Halferty said there are no grant funding applications pending right now to build more rental housing but there may be in the new year.

Right now, she said, Mammoth Lakes Housing is focusing on preserving existing affordable housing in the town.